Welcome to the Kuddos
studio team.

Just a few words about us.

Kuddos ? 

"Kudos" is the way we greet each other in the team. "Kuddos" means glory and success and is always the target we are setting ourselves for our clients.

Who we are

We are a team of entrepreneurs and product managers, with a love for innovation and business in general. Our unfair advantage compared to regular developers are our backgrounds in tech and marketing, which allow us to understand, design, build and ship products that will succeed in their respective markets.

Why we love what we do

We are passionate about creating new things from the ground up - low-code is a true revolution for those willing to launch apps 3 times faster and cheaper than regular code.

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On a mission to bring
the power of code to everyone.

Code should be a commodity.

Most start-ups/small businesses do not grow as they struggle to launch or improve their product. Most of the time, this is because programmers are expensive and aren’t easy to find.

Kuddos addresses this issue by helping anyone launch affordable yet successful and beautiful products.

Tech should be more open.

Low-code enables anyone to become a developer these days: liberal arts majors, business people, blue-collar workers... with or without school background in Computer Science. It's time to change the ecosystem, it's time to level up diversity and give everyone equal opportunities.

Kuddos trains and hires people from any background as long as they have a strong desire to learn !

The values that hold us true and to account.


Put people first. Really give a fair chance to anyone to get trained and find a job in tech.


Stay humble, strive on feedback and focus on a transparent and benevolent communication


Be hungry to learn, hungry to build, hungry to have a positive impact.

And here is the team !